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(Mostly) Friends-Only

i don't update a whole heck of a lot anyway, but it's usually FO, unless it's something LOL-worthy.

comment to be added, i'm not picky. :)

when i grow up, i want to be an old woman

this is my favorite commercial right now and in recent memory.

i've always taken an interest in my health but something about seeing these 'old' ladies cheer leading, shimmying about and just so vivacious, it makes me relatively about getting old. not the aging but living to see old age.

coincidentally, i had my physical yesterday (where i was BUTCHERED by the phlebotomist intern, whom i'm pretty certain hit my muscle) and my labs came back.

cholesterol - 108 (down from 134 last year)
HDL - 52 (up from 43)


i don't post enough

and of course the feeling to update strikes while at starbucks, where i have accompanied my mom. though she is actually working on important things, like coordinating surgeries and i'm just browsing eBay for vintage things, ha.

but really, there isn't much to update about. i'm still working at the zoo. i'm still single. i'm still a giant nerd (i don't mind that, though). it's incredible to think that aside from a few personal growth experiences, i feel very much the same now at 22 as i did at 18. is that good or bad?

going astray from that, i have to say, now that i'm typing i feel like a much more productive member of the Starbucks Notebook Elite; everyone around me as been furiously typing, flipping through notes and getting things done. cut to my computer screen - "eBay search results for : vintage salt pepper shakers"

music recommendations, anyone?

i've been listening to a lot of Pink Martini, Feist and April March lately and am looking for anything with a smilar vibe to any of the aforementioned.

edit : i just decided to glance around me and the guy directly across from me looks like Edwart Norton with a long goatee, the one across the room looks just like Jerry Van Dyke and the guy in the comfy chair flush next to me is just plain cute, ha.

i should look up more often.

fuck land, i'm on a BOAT, motherfucker

or will be shortly.

going on a little 4 day cruise to Baja. great timing, considering L.A. is covered in rain, but the forecast for south of the border is cool, but sunny.

i'm looking forward to not working, all you can eat everything and singing "I'm On A Boat" endlessly.

i am bummed that i'll be missing almost all of Conan's last week, save for Friday's show. :(

ah well.


attn : Dark Knight fans

had anyone noticed that the date on the surveillance photo in THIS STILL was the release date (2008/7/18)???

i did not and, frankly, am ashamed of myself.

sad that it took a 2:30am 'i need a new wallpaper' inspection of TDK promo shots for me to discover this.

holidays + failed diets

i have my iTunes on shuffle and "The Christmas Song" came on and oh god, i like listening to Christmas tunes way earlier than most, but whenever i hear them before, at least, Halloween, they make me feel so odd; now i'm sad summer is just about over, excited because Halloween is just that much closer, disappointed i didn't have a summer romance (lol), eager for cooler weather, melancholy over Christmases past, and definitely sad that i'm growing older.

veering in a different direction...goddamn conchas! these delicious (and cheap) sweetbreads -

have totally derailed my diet with their sweet, bread-y goodness.

eta : i'm totally lurking over at the web-cam-stop-motion-thingy and see this one -

and am all, "hey, isn't that drew from tfd?" and alas, it is; he blogged about it the other day, haha.

oh em gee

so my old 20GB Photo iPod that had thousands of songs on it that i don't have on this computer (or anywhere), with the click wheel that mysteriously stopped working for months and months?


i picked it up to plug it into iTunes, because 'the works' inside never died, and absently started moving around the wheel but lo and behold, they responded and now it's fine.


attn : all couples

i hate your guts.

next point : i am no longer 'happily single'.

i truly was for a while there, then not-so-much and just denied and continued acting like it was a joyful little choice on my part. no more lying to myself; i am straight up sad over my entire lack of anything close to a lovelife.


so i ended up at Nordstrom Rack with my mom earlier and right before we checked out, when they were already ushering people to hurry the fuck up and get out, i spotted the neatest purple wool coat and immediately thought "oh shit, this would be perfect for halloween!". so i bought it.

well, now i realize it's not so much purple as blue. :/ idk what to do with it now, though. i've been looking online for a purple coat (that isn't some cheapo costume thing, because i'd rather buy something i can use outside of the halloween week) for a while now and they're all pretty expensive, around $70+. this was only $35 (with a 'retail value' of $100)...do i keep it and make do or return it and hope to find something better for around the same price..? ahh!

it looked so nice under the store lights, but it is so damn royal blue here, unless i zap it with the flash, and then it just looks like a lighter blue.

boo urns. :(

Aug. 20th, 2008

so with all this Batman on my brain, it was only natural that it starts to invade my shopping habits.

picked up at Border's & Target yesterday -

starting September (or i think, i haven't opened it yet), i can have a dose of TDK hotness every day! and i got it for 30% off, too. pencils & tattoos courtesy of Target's always-rewarding Dollar $pot. i noticed the Fruit Roll-Ups at the checkout and couldn't resist, haha.

fruit roll ups lolzCollapse )